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Slitting Machine General Operating Procedures

Source:Original Author:Mickle 2019-06-13

Slitting machine operating procedures

Slitting machine process:

Unwinding - tension control - web traction - cutting knife (trimming) - rewinding

Operating specific points:

A: Machine start preparation

1. Check if the power supply and air supply are normal.

2. Check if the transmission part needs to be filled with lubricating oil and whether the parts are loose.

3. Turn on the power switch of the machine and collect the products that need to be cut according to the production order.

4. Cut the paper tube size you need.

B: production process and operation method

1. According to the material and production requirements, set the tension of the rewinding and unwinding, the counter automatically stops the number, etc. After the setting is completed, the photoelectric tracking correction is turned on.

2. Pull the substrate to be cut to the slitting machine, lift the threading shaft, insert the paper tube, and pay attention to the direction when feeding.

3. Adjust the substrate to the proper position and flush in the compressed air.

4. Introduce the material to be cut onto the rewinding shaft. Pay attention to the blade on the machine when feeding, to prevent the hand from being scratched.

5. Adjust the photoelectric sensing position according to the material characteristics to ensure the size is accurate.

6. According to the single size requirements of the production process, install the slitting knife holder to the appropriate position, fasten the lower knife, open the fan, feed the lower knife edge material into the fan barrel, and then start the machine at low speed to cut the material into the required specifications.

7. Put the paper tube that meets the specifications on the receiving shaft, punch in the compressed air, and pull the product that meets the requirements to the paper tube of the receiving shaft.

8. Start slowly, observe the cutting effect during the slitting operation, and adjust the cutting speed, tension, joint pressure, edge material, etc., unwinding tension, and whether the material to be cut meets the quality requirements. Slowly accelerate after stabilization. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the machine when the machine is running, so as not to be hurt.

9. In the production process, everything starts from the benefits of the company, reducing waste, reducing production costs, and saving electricity.

C: After production cleanup

1. After the production is completed, turn off the power switch of the machine, cut off the main power supply and air source, collect the edge side material in a woven bag, bundle it, clean the floor and the cleaning of the machine, and turn off the light switch.

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