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Automatic Die-cutting Machine Daily Maintenance

Source:Original Author:Mickle 2019-06-13

The automatic die-cutting machine is indispensable for maintenance work in daily use to maintain its stable performance and extend its life. It can be maintained mainly from the following three points, as described below.

1, oil lubrication

The equipment must be well lubricated and cooled during high speed operation (6000 sheets/hour). Always choose high quality engine oil (such as shell Omara 100) to protect the main drive. In addition, there is an intermittent mechanism box (intermittent mechanism of ternary cam) on the machine drive side, where the oil used is more density (such as shell Omara 220). After the new machine starts running, the main drive part and the mechanism box should be replaced after 3 months, and then it should be changed every year. The oil used in other parts is the same as the general printing machine, so I won't talk about it here.

2, troubleshooting

A. Electrical fault: PLC control is adopted for the whole center control. The main detection points, electrical switches and output actions are all issued by the PLC, and the internal program is a ladder logic diagram. Therefore, when there is a problem in electrical, the maintenance personnel must first to understand the ladder logic diagram and then easy to find the cause of the fault.

B. Mechanical failure: The automatic flat die cutting machine often has the problem of the pressure gradient of the moving platform, which is mostly caused by the foreign matter falling into the die cutting bed position. Generally, the position of the wedge block under the shaft is first rotated, and the moving platform is rotated to the upper limit point, and the relative position of the platform is monitored to ensure the four corners of the platform and the upper static platform (where the die cutter plate is placed) The distance is equal, so that the problem can be solved.

3. Pay attention to dust and clean

The equipment generates a large amount of waste paper edges and paper hair in the work. If you pay no attention to it, it will be mistakenly inserted into the chain transmission part, the die-cutting part moving platform and some rotating and moving parts, and block the photoelectric detection head, etc., causing malfunction, so the machine body to keep clean is first important issue.

It is important to understand from the above that the maintenance of the fully automatic die-cutting machine is very important, especially for the replacement of oil, which also has an irreplaceable role.

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