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End-to-End 3D Printing

Source:3D Inside Printing Author:Sandra Helsel 2015-05-17


(3D Printing Industry) — HP and Dremel have announced a partnership that will see HP make it to the 3D-printing space much sooner than expected. Having already released its blended reality 3D scanning and computing system, Sprout, HP has now partnered with the hardware manufacturer to bring 3D models designed on (or scanned into) Sprout into the physical world using the Dremel 3D Idea Builder.

Using a built-in 3D scanner, Sprout users have the ability to scan objects into Sprout before modeling them on touch-screen mat and having them 3D-printed. Now, via the partnership with Dremel, the two companies will be partnering on an “end-to-end solution” long before HP’s MultiJet Fusion 3d-printing services are made available next year. Eric Monsef, head of immersion systems at HP, said, “We think consumers wanted the ability to go to a store and buy a single solution, and we thought that Dremel was a great fit. So now, today, a customer can go to a store and buy an end-to-end solution.”


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