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QZFM-700Automatic Case Making & Lining Machine

QZFM-700Automatic Case Making & Lining Machine

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Wenzhou Keqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang China
Business type: Manufacturer
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QZFM-700 Automatic Case Making & Inner Laminating Machine is our main product through the market 
requirement and research and development with long period. It includes our many years Experience and new
 technology as well as our own patents. QZFM-700 Automatic Case Making & Inner Laminating Machine can
 establish a production line with an inner laminating machine so as to reduce the production period. QZFM-700 
Automatic Case Making & Inner Laminating Machine satisfies customers requirement of high quality, high 
accuracy, high speed and low labor during production.
QZFM700 Automatic Case Making & Inner Laminating Machine adopts PLC control, servo drive system, photo 
sensor detect system, hydraulic correction positioning system as well as some of new technology. It integrates
 with many processes such as paper feeding, gluing, board feeding, photo sensor position detecting, hydraulic 
correction positioning, flattening and folding. It can be applied for high volume packaging material production of 
moon cake, tea, cell phone, underwear, handcraft products, cosmetics, folder, calendar, hard cover books and
 so on. It provides the efficient production solution for those products.
Import optical scale, linear slideway, linear motion units
Japanese Omron  PLC 
German optical sensor components
Import hydraulic drive system 
Japan Panasonic servo control system 
Import glue pumping system
The unique double sheets detection system avoids and solves effectively two or more paper feeding problems.
With servo drive, hydraulic drive, optical control of positioning correcting device, cardboard can be positioned 
quickly and accurately on the sheet, accuracy of positioning ±0.5mm.
Enhanced the board changing efficiency with the reasonable and humanized design.
Stable and reliable mechanical drive structure, high quality electrical components ensure the machine performance.
The mechanical edge folding technology makes the products more nice and beautiful.
The touch screen operation menu and machine fault display function make the operation convenient and fast troubleshooting.

Technical parameters: 



 max size


 min size


 Board thickness


 paper weight


 max speed


 machine power


 machine size


 machine weight


 positioning accuracy

± 0.5mm


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