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Antomatic convery plasma treatment euipment

Antomatic convery plasma treatment euipment

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input voltage/frequency

woring frequency

output power

treating width

air source


AC220/230V±10% 50/60Hz




0.4Mpa no wate


1. Adopt intelligent industrial control chip control processing, the plasma output power can be precisely regulated and setting

2 .Set power can be remembered until the next start(not affected power failures)        

  Power would be smart after the creation of precise lock, without an external voltage fluctuations and working

 3.conditions of influence, thus the treatment effect of plasma stability, and also reduced   the passive manual intervention       

4. LCD display function: Set power display , the actual dynamic power display,, Power of state data shows: Frequency, medium voltage current, real-time power supply voltage and so on...  ,  Machine warning display

5. On-line ready to OK the external signal input. External equipment to confirm the site is ready, the machine can only start the working

Note: This signal can be directly shorted wiring end, as the feature by default

In addition to this machine from the panel buttons take the initiative to do "Start" and "suspension" of the active control mode, the machine also has an external control input of the passive control mode     

External control input terminals (local special allocations) access, that is automatically "external" control of the passive control mode

 External control input terminals (local special allocations) is not access, that is automatically set to host panel control of active control mode

6. The machine has many types of automatic monitoring and warning capabilities       

   1)The working temperature over warning

2) Air pressure warning

3)Machine working over-current protection warning

4) Supply Voltage under-voltage (less than 198Vac) warning

5) Supply Voltage over-voltage (more than 253Vac) warning

6) External device is not ready for warning

7) The internal pressure beyond the warning    

8) Internal high-pressure low warning

9) Instability within the high-pressure warning

7. The machine can according the surface treatment request ,Pressure on the plasma jet continuously adjustable  

8.The machine can according the customer surface treatment function request , equipped with a variety of plasma injection nozzle    

9.The interior design of this machine with a variety of interfaces be reserved, you can according to customer requirements,

combined with the actual production line of on-line installation of a variety of automatic control functions

Note: must be according to customer specific request

One unit can combine many plasma generators and match more nozzles, according to customer's requirements   


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