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FR50B HeFeng plasma treatment machine

FR50B HeFeng plasma treatment machine

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Hefengjiada Technology Co.,Ltd
Guangdong China
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input voltage/frequency

woring frequency

output power

treating wih

air source


AC220/230V±10% 50/60Hz




0.4Mpa no water

What is plasma?
Plasma is an electrically conductive gas,consisting of positive and negative ions,and energised
as well as neutral atoms and
molecules.This is known in physics as the :Fourth state of matter" the plasma state is inherently
 unstable,and requires a permanent supply of energy to keep the plasma active
Air is the prefereed medium for conversion to plasma.for special application,other gases and gas 
mixtures can be used directly, provided that they are nonflammable, the plasma gases ionise
and dissociate through the energy in to the plasma arc.directly after the plasma arc has been formed,
the atoms and molectures recombine at the end of the plasmajet nozzle instaneously setting the produced energy free. 
This reinforces the chemical and physical effects of the plasma beam on the material surface. The results include 
chemical modification t the polymer surface through the combination of oxygen molecules. A cleaning effect is also 
realized by the destruction of surface contaminants.functional nonsubstrates can also be produced using a suitable 
choice of the process gas.

Plasma surface treatment machine docertain physical and chemical modificationfor box film o, UV coating, plastic
sheet, or glass surface to improve the surface adhesion, instaneously setting the produced energy free. 
 make it as easy to bond and ordinary paper.Using the conventional water cooling gel can make coated cardboard or
glazing in pasting box machines get reliable adhesion, no longer need loca llaminating, local glazing, surface grinding
process , also no longer need to be replaced because of different board and different special glue, etc.Effectively reduce
the production cost.

Product application: 
1. The printing and packaging industry:
Specifically for UV, laminating, glazing, such as all kinds of high polymer materials surface treatment;solve packing boxe
glue problems (such as toothpaste box, cosmetic box, cigarette case, wine box, electronic toy product box).Improve the work
efficiency, reduce the pollution of polishing and eliminate the paper pasting box machines powder pollution, save material,
save the cost of glue (using ordinary water-based environmental protection glue).
2. Digital industry:
Mobile phones, laptops and other digital products shell spraying, LOGO and decoration of the adhesive, screen of adhesive,
Increase the surface adhesion, prevent digital products shell to take off the paint and the keyboard words fade;
3. The car manufacturing industry:
For all kinds of rubber seals for car doors and Windows, interior trim, light, air conditioning wind device of local coating;Was
also used to increase the automobile brake block, wiper, oil seal, dashboard, the engine of the adhesive sealing, improve the
 technology such as waterproof, sound insulation and prevent fall offa lot.
4. Hardware industry:
Metal spraying pretreatment of various steel by plasma surface treatment, to enhance the surface adhesion.After spraying of
metals, prolong the service life, its wear resistance compare without plasma treated increase more than 20 times.
5. Plastic industry:
Is mainly used in coating and adhesive pretreatment , the treated product surface not to drop paint, words don't fall off and fade.


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