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HeFeng intelligence electronic UV light curing system

HeFeng intelligence electronic UV light curing system

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Hefengjiada Technology Co.,Ltd
Guangdong China
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Product advantages and features:
Intelligent electronic UV light curing system, the product drive mode can perfect instead of the traditional transformer + capacitance type and have the following typical advantages
* high UV light adaptability: can easily, quickly and steadily start different types and length of the UV lamps and halogen lamps in the rated power。
* high electric energy conversion: about 20% ~ 20% higher UV energy than traditional transformer driver and can effectively prolong lamp life。
* wide power supply voltage input: can work stable in AC340 — 440 v.
* wide power supply voltage output: lamp rated voltage 450 v— 450 v.
* wide energy range output: lamp output power 10% ~ 100% and infinitely adjustable。
* high integration of the overall structure, stable performance of safety, small volume light weight.
Technical parameters:
1, input voltage: AC380V
2, output voltage: AC400V - AC2500V
3, output current: 20 a (most current)
4,output waveform: smooth square wave
5, adjust way: power vector
6, power efficiency: more than 92%

Typical functions:
1, flexible power control mode: 0-10 v voltage and RS485 communication control is optional.
2, the output power regulation scope: 10% - 100%.
3, power set: the minimum standby power can be set.
4, flexible tube power can be set: automatic matching of various parameters of the tube.
5, convenient light signal: switch and communications are optional.
6, security of intelligent protection: tube overheating, short circuit, open circuit and other intelligent alarm protection function.
7, long-term standby power only 3% (determined by the characteristics of the light tube)
8, power supply cooling way: forced air cooling.
9, the power supply working environment temperature: - 10 ~ 40 ℃.

Compared with traditional way of transformer
1, save electricity: high power efficiency than traditional UV. work efficiency reach 92% ~ 96%,Energy saving 30% 80%
2, quick response: from standby to maximum power output only 8 milliseconds.
3, reduce the cost, maintenance cost is low, do not need high voltage capacitor and relay.
4, improve the level of technology, precise control light solid process of products, in a linear control, the square wave output, to achieve maximum efficiency; The output energy stability guarantee productcuring effect is perfect.
5, reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, can according to the product of working speed regulating UV output energy, Change the processed products without having to adjust the distance between the tubes and the product, decrease technology difficult.
6, prolong the service life of consumables: extend the lamp life of more than 30%.
7, intelligence control: man-machine interface work state of real-time monitoring and control system, provide powerful guarantee for safe production.
8, self-check function, machine with man-machine interface real-time transfer working state.
9, volume small,. 1/5 weight than transformer


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