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DF-3015B Laser Cutting Machine

DF-3015B Laser Cutting Machine

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The features of DF-3015B Laser Cutting Machine
1、The machine is built with cantilever and flying optics structure. The work piece can be loaded and unloaded from three directions. Oversize sheet metal can be placed on the cutting table.
2、The machine uses aluminum moving beam, which improves the acceleration and deceleration of the cutting head to ensure high-precision and high-speed laser cutting characteristics.
3、The machine utilizes PA laser dedicated CNC systems. The laser controller and the NNC machine control system combined into one controller.
4、The machine control system integrates laser cutting specific power control function, cutting table operation function, laser operation function, expert cutting process parameters library, remote diagnosis capability, etc.
5、The machine utilizes a proprietary laser cutting technology,  high-speed response to laser power slope adjustment, nozzle self-cleaning, high-speed piercing, leapfrog movement, repositioning and retracting cutting, automatic edge locating. 
6、The machine is equipped with a Radan 2012 R2, of Great Britain,  dedicated CAD/CAM  automatic programming, automatic nesting software, which is to facilitate during manufacturing plotting, programming, and to maximize conservation of raw materials, and to set up special functions of the cutting process.
7、The machine utilizes a whole beam path compensation setup; the cutting head will have equal beam path at any point of the cutting table, which ensures cutting quality of the mid-thick and thick metal sheets.
8、The machine have a automatic- partition dust removal system. The cutting waste is transferred to a scrap cart through funnel.
9、Double exchangeable cutting tables can be moved linearly back and forth, loading and unloading of work piece can proceed while the machine is in cutting operation.
10、The machine utilizes a Precitec, of Germany, capacitive sensor. The cutting head uses a drawer-type focusing lens mount, It is very convenient to replace or clean the lens, as well as interchanging    10”、7.5”、and 5”lens. During cutting operation, the distance from the tip of the nozzle to the surface of the sheet metal can be adjusted at will by the height adjusting knob.
11、The machine equips an automatic controllable pressure mirror, by which the position of the focus point can adjusted using the cutting process parameters library, and to achieve high-speed piercing.
12、The machine uses enclosed optical path to maintain positive pressure of the beam path, enabling prevention of dust particles and other impurities to ensure longer life of the lens.
13、The gas lines all use imported components. The three cutting gases are free to choose, and the pressure can be changed at any time. The entire gas lines system uses high pressure gas line design. When cutting stainless steel sheet, the nitrogen pressure can be up to 2.0 Mpa.
14、The machine has safety protection sliding door; thus cutting operation can be safer and reliable.

The main technical parameters of DF-3015B-FA040 CNC laser cutting machine
Maximum cutting sheet size
X-axis travel range
Y-axis travel range
Z-axis travel range
X and Y axis positioning accuracy
X and Y axis repeatitive positioning accuracy
The largest machine positioning speed
The maximum cutting capability
Carbon steel MS: 22 mm
Stainless steel:    12 mm
ALUMINUM:          8 mm


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