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DF-3015F Laser Cutting Machine

DF-3015F Laser Cutting Machine

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Nanjing Eastern Laser Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu China
Business type: Manufacturer
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Product features:
a).The machine tool adopts gantry type double-sided driving beam structure and full flying light path structure.
b).   Optical fiber laser generator is imported from German ROFIN Company.
c). German ALPHA precision gear and rack, precision reducer and THK linear guide rail as transmission components are characterized by high accuracy, fast speed, max. operating speed (idle load) 100m/min, positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m and repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm.
d).German PA NC system dedicated for laser adopted integrates laser and machine tool control system. By virtue of development of HMI, CNC and PLC, based on the most advanced mode in the globe and with WINDOWS as operating platform, the laser cutting oriented operating system is developed independently, which integrates the exclusive energy control function, machine tool operating function, laser operating function, expert cutting process database and remote diagnosis, etc. of laser cutting.
e).CAD/CAM automatic programming and automatic nesting software dedicated for British Radan 2013 R2 is equipped to facilitate drawing and programming in production and to save raw materials to the greatest extent, and special functions of cutting process are customized.  
f).Unique proprietary technology for laser cutting, high-speed response laser power slope adjustment, automatic nozzle cleaning, high-speed laser drilling, leapfrog movement, relocation, back cutting and automatic tracing-edge, etc.
g).  Auto partitioning dust removal system adopted enables cutting wastes to drop into dust car from hopper, convenient for regular cleaning by operators.
h). Especially designed double exchange worktable equipped feeds and discharges during work, improving production efficiency greatly.
i) . German Precitec fiber cutting head, and the cutting head incorporates drawer type focus lens seat with extreme convenience for replacing and cleaning lens;and meanwhile the distance to plate surface can be changed via panel knob during cutting at any time to guarantee the cutting quality.
j). All pneumatic components are imported with advanced and reliable design, three different cutting gases can be loaded simultaneously and are optional, and meanwhile air pressure can be adjusted via panel knob at any time during cutting. The whole pneumatic system is designed to withstand high pressure, and the nitrogen pressure when cutting stainless steel plates can be up to 2.0Mpa, guaranteeing the stability of pneumatic  system so as to ensure the quality of cutting section.
k). Safety protective sliding door equipped enables more safe and reliable cutting.

Electrical Requirements:
a) (3 phase),380V±5% 50Hz;
1. (Total Power Load): 25KVA
2. (Laser source & Chiller): 15KVA  (ROFIN FL020)

Technical parameters of DF-3015F-FL020 CNC laser cutting machine:

Maximum cutting board (machining material) size: 3000×1500mm
X-axis travel range 3050mm
Y-axis travel range 1550mm
Z-axis travel range 100mm
X and Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/M
X and Y axis repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.02mm/M
The largest machine positioning speed 100m/min
The largest machine acceleration speed 1g
The maximum cutting capacity ( Rofin 2000W fiber laser generator)
Carbon steel 18mm
Stainless steel 10mm
Aluminnium 8mm
Brass 5mm
Copper 2mm

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