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Demetalizing Machine for Aluminum Foil and metallized film

Demetalizing Machine for Aluminum Foil and metallized film

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Wenzhou Kingsun Machinery Industrial Co.,ltd
Zhejiang China
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Demetalizing Machine for Aluminum Foil, Metallized Film Window Making Machine

This demetalizing machine is special designed for Aluminium foil materials also fit for metallized film, it is one 

of most advanced equipment for Aluminum chemical washing away part of it so to keep the Aluminum pattern as per request design.It is also good for metalized film washing so to make windows on metalized film for flexible packaging industries to improve the level of packages.

Kingsun Machinery has over 15 years experience to manufacturing demetalizing machine for flexible packaging industries or

aluminum foil converting. We welcome you to provide your own specifications, so to produce the demetalizing equipment which fit for your products. We are China number one supplier for demetalizing machine technology.

Demetalizing machine main technical specificaitons and features:

Effective working width of the film : 1500mm

Applicable base material: PET with aluminum foilfrom PET 12µm with aluminum foil 7µm to  PET 75µm with aluminum foil 9µm

Max. working speed 1-80 m/ min

Max. unwinding & rewinding diameter: 1000mm

Max. unwinding & rewinding weight: 1000Kg

Paper core of unwinding & rewinding and its loading type: 3”-6” air shaft

Tension control range: 10- 300N

Total power: 180kW

Voltage: 3Phase, 380V, 50Hz

Dimensions: Customs made as per specifications

Structure: single station unwinding, magnetic powder brakes

Specification & configuration:

1.  Max. unwinding width: 1500mm

2.  Max. unwinding diameter: Φ1000mm

3.  Unwinding magnetic powder brake: 10kg, 2pcs

4.  Unwinding locking shaft: 3” - 6” air shaft 1pc

5.  Automatic web guide system: ultrasonic sensor, servo motor driven, 1 set

6.  Main body made from steel arch

1.      The minimum distance that the film passes under chemical liquid is at least 24M in the chemical tanks

2.      The seven chemical tanks should be interconnected, so that chemical liquid inputted in the first tank will pass each tank and arrive in the last tank fluently.

3.      Volume of each tank unit : L 1300mm x W1800 mm x H 700mm (to be rechecked)

4.      Tank body is nice and corrosion resistant, PP board with a stable chemical performance.

5.      Structure: active stainless steel guide roller(Φ 7.3cm)for independent traction which driven by the AC frequency conversion motor 7pcs

6.      Sealing cover for stainless steel guide roller 14pcs

7.      304Stainless steel external body (thickness 1mm)1 pc

8.      304 Stainless steel body cover (thickness 1mm)1pc

9.      304 Stainless steel exhaust outlet (thickness 1mm)1pc

10.    Traction motor 2.2kw 1pc

11.    temperature sensor, liquid lever


1. Active stainless steel guide roller for independent traction which driven by the AC frequency conversion motor    9pcs

2.  Stainless steel guide roller cover 18sets

3.  PVC spray pipe 2 groups

4.  PVC high pressure spray nozzle 40-60pcs

5. 304Stainless steel external body (thickness 1mm)1 pc

6. 304 Stainless steel body cover (thickness 1mm)1pc


1. Structure: Hot air cycle & quick exhaust arc type

2.  Heating type: air heatable system

3.  Heating power: 18kw

4.  Drying temperature: max. up to 60-100

5.  Drying temperature control: automatic constant temperature control,

temperature difference inside the oven less than 3

6.  Cycle air blower: 1.5kw low noise 2pcs, lower cycle air blower 1pc

7.  Opening type for drying oven: side door open



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