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KS-1400A Servo Control High-precision Roll to Sheet Paper Sheeter

KS-1400A Servo Control High-precision Roll to Sheet Paper Sheeter

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Wenzhou Kingsun Machinery Industrial Co.,ltd
Zhejiang China
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KS-A1400/1700/1900 model high speed rotary knife paper sheeter is mainly for high production capacity paper processing. It is ideal paper sheeting machine for jumbo roll paper sheet cutting into required sizes. Kingsun offers all kind of servo control paper sheeter machine in China with over 15 years, contact us for more details.

Mechanical Specifications:

1. Paper cutting type: the up knife rotary cut, the down knife fixed

2. Range of the paper: 60 ~ 600 GSM

3. Max unwinding diameter: 1800mm (71 ") Max

4. Max unwinding width: 1400 mm (55 ") Max

5. Cutting length: 450-1450mm

6. Paper cutting layer: 1 layer (standard)

7. Cutting accuracy: Cutting length less than 1000mm: ± 0.5mm

                            Cutting length more than 1000mm: ± 0.1%

8. Maximum cutting speed: 300 cuts / min

9. Maximum cutting linear speed: 300 m / min

10. Air source requirements: 0.8MPa

11. Design Power: AC380V/220V × 50Hz/60Hz

12. Cutting length accuracy: based on the density of paper web, the number of reels and materials. If the length less than 1000mm, the precision is ± 0.5mm, if cutting length more than 1000mm : ± 0.1%, when speed accelerating or decelerating ± 0.1%,  the data is based on the cutting of correct operating procedures and stable running.

(When cutting paper in one roll, the cutting length is the correct length)

13. Production output: the actual output based on the paper specific materials, paper weight, cut length, reel number, operator technique, operating conditions and so on.


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