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The 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

Release time: 2016-10-28

  • Exhibition Time:2017-05-09 To 2017-05-13

As a comprehensive international printing exhibition held by China, CHINA PRINT has always been paid close attention and participated actively by printing enterprises. In the last session (CHINA PRINT 2013), all 8 in-door exhibition halls were fully occupied, and 11 out-door temporary exhibition halls were built; hence 160,000 square meters total exhibition area. Be that as it may, the feedback shows that there were still a few exhibitors whose demands and desire to expand their exhibition area were not completely satisfied. In order to better meet exhibitors’ needs, CHINA PRINT 2017 plans to occupy more than 160,000 square meters as its exhibition area, which will definitely keep its top 1 international printing exhibition in Asia.

Special Designed Sections Facilitating Business Matching

In corresponding to the increasing scale of the exhibition and the growing number of exhibitors and visitors, CHINA PRINT 2017, with targeted advertising plans designed, sets 6 exhibition halls covering various hot issues of print market and 8 special zones facilitating both professional buyers and exhibitors in trading.

The six special exhibition halls are:

1. Comprehensive Printing Hall;

2. Digital Printing Hall;

3. Label Printing Hall;

4. Post-press and Packaging Hall;

5. Equipment and Consumables Hall;

6. Frontier Technology Hall.

The eight special exhibition zones are:

1. VOC Treatment Zone;

2. 3D Printing Zone;

3. RFID Zone;

4. Internet + Industrial Robot Zone;

5. Internet + Printing Zone;

6. Internet + Packaging Zone;

7. Internet + Media Zone;

8. Internet + Electronic Zone.


Prestigious Print Enterprises Providing Total Solutions

CHINA PRINT 2017 will be an international printing exhibition of the largest scale and the greatest importance, and has always been paid close attention by not only cross-border but also domestic printing enterprises. The exhibition is to be participated by prestigious enterprises from both home and abroad focusing on traditional offset printing, digital printing, package printing, label printing, printing plates, post-press and consumables. Some of them plan to release their latest printing products to China, Asia or even to the world.

New Technology Zones Promoting Industrial Development

The development of printing industry is driven by innovations and technological upgrades. Inspired by printing technologies, CHINA PRINT 2017 establishes special exhibition zones for new technologies in various fields of printing to showcase the latest technologies and products. Also, prestigious brands, specialists and scholars are invited to illustrate and interpret the future trend, development and applications of the up-to-date printing technologies. Combined the technology exchange with the showcase of the products, it is no doubt that CHINA PRINT 2017 will promote the development of both printing technology and the print market.

Various High-end Forums Enriching Concurrent Events

During the exhibition period, there are various concurrent events: high-end forums e.g. Forum-PI (aka. International Forum for the Development of Printing Industries), China Print Summit, Forum for China’s Label Printing Industry; and other specialized, advanced and various event e.g. the 6th China Print Awards Ceremony, Asia Print Meeting and National Theme Days. Via the concurrent events, CHINA PRINT 2017 enables to show the future trend of printing industry, and offers opportunities for both visitors and exhibitors to communicate and exchange their views on contemporary printing industry and possible developments for its future.

Global Resources Integration Boosting CHINA PRINT 2017

1. CHINA PRINT 2017 takes PEIAC’s advantages of its great industrial influence: 10 sub-associations, 7 working committees, 48 group members and other municipal printing related industrial associations have engaged in the preparation and publicity of the exhibition.

2. CHINA PRINT participates in overseas and domestic printing exhibitions and related activities for better publicity and further cooperation.

3. Nearly 100 Media from over 30 countries are engaged in the publicity of CHINA PRINT 2017.

4. Invitation letters, tickets, emails and faxes are sent to overseas professional visitors directly; invitations are made to domestic visitors via telephone, text message.

5. Innovative approaches are designed for passing news and information of CHINA PRINT 2017: official website, official WeChat and official App.

6. Members of printing associations from different provinces, cities and autonomous regions and related associations, such as packaging associations and publication associations, are organized to visit CHINA PRINT 2017.

7. Overseas printing equipment users and professional buyers are invited and organized to visits CHINA PRINT 2017 thanks to the network of Asia Print and Global Print, printing associations and related organization of whose member states are also organized to visit the exhibition.

Exhibit Categories

1.  Prepress and Premedia

1.1 Publishing software

1.2 Software for packaging prepress

1.3 Workflow and data handling software

1.4 Software for multimedia

1.5 Encoding and identification software and equipment

1.6 Input devices

1.7 Output devices

1.8 Equipment & systems for printing forme production punching equipment

1.9 Colour matching systems

2. Print

2.1 Sheet-fed offset printing machines

2.2 Web-fed offset printing machines

2.3 Flexographic printing machines

2.4 Letterpress machines

2.5 Gravure printing machines

2.6 Hybrid printing machines (combination of methods)

2.7 Digital printing machines and digital printing systems

2.8 Screen printing machines

2.9 Pad / Tampon printing machines

2.10 Printing machines and systems for special printing applications

2.11 Peripheral equipment

2.12 Rollers, cylinders and sleeves

3. Postpress and Paper Converting

3.1 Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines

3.2 Paper converting for stationery

3.3 Paper converting equipment for the paper industry

3.4 Paper converting equipment for the packaging industry, packaging production

3.5 Paper converting equipment for hygiene products

3.6 Paper converting equipment for technical paper products

3.7 Machines for the production of die-cutting formes

3.8 Encoding and identification systems

4. Paper and substrates

4.1 Graphic paper – web printing paper

4.2 Graphic paper – cut-size paper

4.3 Paper, cardboard and board for packaging

4.4 Tissue

4.5 Paper, cardboard and board for technical and special applications

4.6 Films / foils

4.7 Other substrates

5. Inks and Consumables

5.1 Offset printing inks

5.2 Flexographic printing inks

5.3 Gravure printing inks

5.4 Screen printing inks

5.5 Toners and inks

5.6 Coatings / Varnishes

5.7 Chemicals

5.8 Anti-setoff powder

5.9 Printing formes and coating formes

5.10 Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

5.11 Dampening solution additives & printing aids

5.12 Washing agents & maintenance products

5.13 Adhesives and glues

5.14 Bookbinding materials

5.15 Embossing and laminating materials

5.16 Encoding and identification materials

5.17 Photographic materials

5.18 Conveyor belts and tapes

6. Components and Infrastructure

6.1 Network systems

6.2 Room climate & conditioning

6.3 Extraction and ventilation systems

6.4 Waste removal and recovery systems

6.5 Conveyor and transportation systems (no floor conveyors)

6.6 Archiving and documentation

6.7 Measuring and testing equipment

6.8 Measuring and testing tools

6.9 Spare parts, wearing parts and lubricants

6.10 Control, feed-back control and drive technology

6.11 Paper handling, machines for sheet, reel and pile handling

6.12 Sound insulation

6.13 Knives & grinding machines

6.14 Light sources for reproduction techniques

6.15 Ink milling and mixing machines

6.16 Ink agitators and mixers

6.17 Ventilation systems (central compressed air supply)

7. Services and Software

7.1 Address services

7.2 Basic and further training

7.3 Consulting services

7.4 Image archives and image data bases

7.5 Data processing services

7.6 Print services providers

7.7 Printing forme producers

7.8 e-commerce for the printing industry

7.9 Financial services & insurance services providers

7.10 Research and development

7.11 Used machinery dealers

7.12 Mailing and postal services providers

7.13 Machine transportation and machine mounting

7.14 Software

7.15 Industrial associations and professional organizations

7.16 Certification, testing and standardization

8. Others

8.1 Applications for printed electronics / printed functionalities

8.2 Applications for nanotechnology

8.3 Trade and technical literature, technical dictionaries

8.4 Trade press, trade magazines

8.5 Trade directories


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